Muslimahs For Change

Samira Maddox
Executive Director

Samira Maddox

Samira Maddox is a distinguished advocate, organizer, and public speaker, renowned for her dedicated efforts in empowering young girls and supporting orphans. As the founder of the first Muslim women's sorority in the United States and the Executive Director of the Muslimahs for Change Foundation, her work primarily focuses on education, community service, and the empowerment of Muslim women.


Holding a Bachelor's degree in Speech-Language Pathology from the University of Texas at Dallas and an MBA from Texas Woman's University, Samira has skillfully combined her academic prowess with her passion for philanthropy. Alongside her role as a speech therapist, she is devoted to her work with orphans and the empowerment of girls.

At the University of Texas at Dallas, Samira identified a significant gap in support for Muslim women wishing to integrate their faith with their professional aspirations. In response, she founded Mu Delta Alpha, Texas's first professional Muslim sorority, thereby creating a much-needed platform for these women. As the leader of the Muslimahs for Change Foundation, Samira steers various initiatives that focus on combating period poverty and providing educational resources throughout Africa. She has a profound connection to her birthplace, East Africa, which has inspired her to establish the Sakina Home for Girls in Kenya. This orphanage serves as a sanctuary, offering education and safety to orphaned girls. Looking ahead, Samira is committed to expanding her impact in Africa. She plans to build a new orphanage capable of housing 100 girls, furthering her mission to support and empower orphaned girls on the continent. Born in East Africa, Samira's life journey took her from Canada to the USA after her marriage. In her personal life, she adeptly balances her roles as a mother and wife with her demanding career and philanthropic activities. A fun fact about Samira is her love for basketball, with the Boston Celtics being her favorite team, reflecting a personal passion amidst her professional and humanitarian endeavors.